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At Junior International Preschool (JIPS), we understand that choosing the right kindergarten for your child is one of the most important decisions in your life. Thus, we strive to create a supportive and developing environment for your child, so that he/she will feel like home - comfortable and at ease. We value the individualities and needs of your child and, therefore, use individual approach to maximize the potential of each child. That’s why we have chosen the International Preschool Curriculum for our kindergarten, striving always to provide a high-quality, well-rounded and personalized preschool education, combining with best practices in early childhood education! Children are our future, and together we will do everything within our power to fill children’s every day with happiness, energy and aspiration for new achievements to benefit themselves as well as their community.

Our Mission

JIPS is an innovative kindergarten with supportive developing environment, where every child’s potential is unleashed with the support of parents and teachers through game, observation and enquiry for successful preparation to school and life. themselves at many levels. Play is an essential part of this learning process, and is used to extend their boundaries, through which children can begin to understand themselves and the World around them. Through play and activities, music and song, story and poetry, experience and observation, interaction and conversation, we provide the foundations on which to build.

Our Vision

Deserve a social recognition as an innovative education organization, which makes positive contribution towards holistic development of a child, healthy physically and emotionally.

Our Values

In JIPS we are inspired by the following values, which are shared with our parents:
• Security
• Respect
• Development
• Trust
• Cooperation

School Building

Our kindergarten is located in the heart of the capital and has all comfortable facilities for learners to flourish.

JIPS has a spacious freestanding building with its own territory and playground (1350 sq m). In total, the garden has 7 commodious learning areas with separate areas for sleeping and eating. Open space with different zones for development creates a stimulating environment for children’s education using active and free games. The building also has a swimming pool, a specially equipped sport hall and a massage room where health wellbeing programs will be implemented. JIPS has its own kitchen, where balanced meals will be regularly provided four times a day.

Meet Our Staff

Our staff has extensive experience and qualification in early childhood education.
JIPS’s curriculum assumes that a teacher, in the role of facilitator, will organize learning process through free play, inquiry-based approach and teamwork, where a child will be at the center of the process.

For these purposes, we carefully select experienced teachers who are undergoing professional training according to IPC. The majority of teachers speak English.
JIPS teachers have the following qualities and abilities:
● love and care for children
● desire to improve themselves continuously
● teamwork and communication skills
● ability to support the inner motivation and curiosity of each child
● ability to observe and track the progress of each student
● ability to involve parents in the learning process ability to analyze their practices and improve them
Diana Zhanabay

Diana Zhanabay


Bibigul Tleuzhanova

Bibigul Tleuzhanova